Thursday, 20 December 2018

Active Flag

We here at  SS Peter and Paul JNS are striving to achieve a more active school community.
With help from our teachers, students, parents and wider community we hope our school will be recognised as an official ‘Active School’ and be rewarded with an Active School Flag.

Outdoor & Adventure activities
‘Our school prioritises a different PE strand for further development each year’

After careful deliberation during a staff meeting we voted to prioritise the Outdoor and Adventure Strand. We had several meetings to discuss how we could enhance this strand for all classes. Each month we will incorporate Outdoor and Adventure activities into our P.E lessons as well as linking this strand into other curricular areas.

Needless to say as part of our Outdoor and Adventure activities for the month of December we decided to keep it festive and play a Santa Search game. The children had to turn over the cones and hunt for Saint Nick himself. They had lots of fun doing this. 

For the month of November the classes participated in Outdoor and Adventure Games, though since the weather was so wet, most of these games had to be "Inside and Adventure Games!"

 For Maths Week in October, all class teachers took their classes out around the school grounds to find Maths answers around the school. 

In September the children were exploring their new classrooms and the environment around them by going out on Nature Trails. 

__Fundamental Movement Skills__
Each month we will be concentrating on one Fundamental Movement Skill taken from the Physical Literacy programme-Move Well, Move Often

Jumping Skills
The FMS for December was developing the children's Jumping skills.
 Jumping is the transfer of weight from one or two feet. It is sub-divided into two categories.
1) Jumping for height and 2) Jumping for distance (PDST).
Take a look at Ms O Regan's class below trying to master this skill. 

Dodging Skills
The Fundamental Movement Skill covered this month was Dodging. Here's Ms McNamee's class playing a game of Sunshine and Snowballs. To play the game a few children are appointed  the "snowballs" and some are appointed "sunshine". If the rest of the class are caught by a "snowball" they must freeze and wait until they are melted by the "sunshine". For more games like this visit

Running Skills 
For the month of October, our fundamental movement skill that we focused on was Running. The Daily Mile is a great initiative that we continue to participate in and we have seen a notable increase in the level of fitness of all students (and teachers) who participate. For P.E all classes have been incorporating running activities into their lessons.

Our Active Flag noticeboard in the school hall is filled with pictures of famous athletes and there are also suggestions for running activities the classes can participate in during their P.E lessons. Each month this noticeboard will be changed to showcase a new Fundamental Movement Skill. 


___RTE News 2day___
On Tuesday 4th December we were thrilled to welcome the cameras for RTE News2day into our school. The presenter Zainab Boladale was keen to find out about all the fun fit things we are doing to achieve our Active Flag and to film the kids taking part in some energetic exercises. The members of the Active Flag Committee discussed all the ways in which we are becoming active and healthy. It was a fantastic morning and we were thrilled to see ourselves on television that evening. 

Click on the image to see the video in full. 



_Active Break Every Day Challenge_

The weather has turned wet and cold and some days we are not able to get outside to play, so to maintain our active lifestyle in school we have committed to the ACTIVE BREAK EVERY DAY Challenge. Each day, the classes tick off their exercise and record their fitness at the end of the week. The Active School Committee are tasked with going around to each class and taking note of the activities being carried out throughout the school. Have a look at your child's classroom door to see what activities are taking place and maybe you could try some at home. 
Our goal is to keep the school energised and that includes all the children, parents and staff!!!

__Active School Suggestion Box__

One of the many jobs of the Active School Committee is to discover ways we can become a more active school. Therefore they have designed an Active School Suggestion box and placed it in the school hall. Every week two members from the Active School Committee will go around the school yard with their clipboard in hand and ask the children of any ideas they may have to make our school more active. This month it is Caitlin's and Darragh's role. 

____P.E Survey____

Very soon each class teacher will be sending home a Physical Education Survey for all children to complete at home. This survey was compiled by the staff and the Active School Committee. The results from this survey will give us a good insight into what sports our students are involved in and how much physical activity they partake in on a daily basis. Please take the time to go through it with your child and return it to the class teacher as soon as possible. 

______Yoga in School_____

Not only are we trying to improve the children's physical activity in school, we are also helping them to relax their bodies and soothe their minds. The junior infants have therefore been practising Cosmic Yoga in the classroom. It is a great way for the children to slow down and focus their brains which in turn improves concentration levels. Why not take the time to try it at home as a family, turn off all screens, put on some relaxing music and stretch out those muscles. 

__________Junior parkrun________

On Sunday the 30th September our school teamed up with Balbriggan Junior parkrun. We encouraged all of our students to get out and get active as they ran the 2km around the course. We are delighted to announce it was a great success. There was a fantastic turnout from children in junior infants up as far as second class. We really hope the children and parents loved it so much that they will continue to participate every week. For more information on Balbriggan Junior parkrun and to check out your finishing time and leader board, visit:
Take a look at some of the photos below to see the fun that was had. 

____European Week of Sport___
22nd -30th September

The European Week of Sport ran from the 22nd-30th September and was a week long celebration of sport and physical activity. Sport Ireland is the National Coordinating Body for the European Week of Sport in Ireland. 

Tour of Europe Challenge
As part of European Week of Sport, we here at SS Peter and Paul JNS decided to increase the amount of physical activity we already do by taking part in the Tour of Europe Challenge. This is where our first and second classes completed their Daily Miles and recorded the distance they ran at the end of the week. We tallied all the kilometres together and calculated where in Europe we have travelled to. In total we ran a distance of 1347.25km - this brought us as far as Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. 
Well done everyone!!

To find out more about the Tour of Europe Challenge, click on the image above. 

National Fitness Day: 27th September 2018
National Fitness Day took place this year on Thursday 27th September and was a day to celebrate the role that physical activity plays in Ireland. 
We decided to mark this occasion by hosting a Take on the Teacher Challenge. 
The junior and senior infants had a Dance Off with their class teachers. It was a great success. Mr Donovan went into each infant class to show the class teachers his best disco moves but unfortunately they weren't up to scratch and in the end ALL of the infant classes won the Dance Off. Hard luck teachers!!
 Rm 5

Rm 14

 First and Second classes competed against the teachers in a Skipping Competition. They all did really well and all but one class beat the class teacher!
Rm 6

 Rm 7

Rm 8

Rm 10

For more information on European Week of Sport visit: 

___Our Active School Motto and Mascot__

We held a competition for the boys and girls to think of an original idea for our school's Active Flag motto and mascot. There were some fantastic entries. In the end the winners were Maia and Caelan. Maia came up with our motto..DON'T SIT, BE FIT and Caelan designed our mascot, Beep Bop1 Well done to both of you. 

Our Active School Committee
We are delighted to present our fantastic new Active School Committee. The children were chosen from 1st and 2nd classes. They have the important job of ensuring that our yard lines are kept active at break times whilst also coming up with as many varied ways as possible for the school to GET ACTIVE in a FUN way. They will also be keeping the classes informed of events that will be taking place throughout the year as we work towards our Active Flag. 
Zack Kelly, Eleanor Rocho, Darragh O Brien, Caitlin Stuart, Alex Everitt, Ahad Bager, Rebecca Moore, Daniel Cash, Adam, Ellis, Amy McCaffety, Scott Mulvey, Caysie Richardson, Isabel Mallon, Cayden Richardson, Abbie Donnelly and Kyle Blaszak



Our first ever Active School Week ran from Monday 11th June to Friday 15th June 2018. It was filled with lots of fun games and activities to suit all levels of abilities. Thankfully the sun stayed shining for most of the week so the boys and girls were able to get outside and enjoy getting fit and active.

To view all the fantastic activities we took part in as part of Active School Week 2018 click here