Friday, 25 September 2020

European School Sports Day-Friday 25th September

European School Sports Day (ESSD) sees schools across Europe take one day to celebrate sport and physical activity on Friday 25th September. (Active Flag)

We here at SS Peter and Paul JNS only love to get up and move about as we know being active makes us healthier and improves our learning in the classroom.

 Being an Active School means we have lots of sports initiatives up and running such as The Daily Mile, 10 @ 10 and Cosmic Yoga, to name but a few. Take a look at some of the activities we engaged in on European School Sports Day. 


10 @ 10

Cosmic Yoga

Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Our School Garden

Now that we are well and truly into the Autumn season, its time to harvest our plants that were planted before lock down. We grew some delicious carrots and tomatoes. Pshemeck had been looking after them whilst we were off and now the children have been giving them an extra water since returning to school.

They also have been watering our fabulous window boxes that look so bright and cheerful around the school. 

We are now going to get our garden ready to plant our spring bulbs, we have got daffodil, tulip and crocus bulbs. We can't wait to watch them grow over the winter months. 

Monday, 21 September 2020

Student Council

Here in SS Peter and Paul JNS, we value the thoughts and opinions of our students. We acknowledge that they are our future and are intelligent, imaginative individuals. Therefore we set up a school Student Council a number of years ago so that our students could have a voice as to how we can make our school a happier, more enjoyable place to be. Over the years, they have come up with fantastic ideas such as suggesting more activities on the yard, as well as helping to design our wonderful Sensory Corridor. (see here)

This year we are delighted to announce this terms Student Council Members. They represent all class levels, from Junior Infants up to Second Class and each team will be rotated every two months so that all the classes are fully involved. Congratulations to the following students, who were picked to share their class' views and ideas. 

Watch this space to see all the great suggestions they come up with.

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Healthy Eating Guidelines



Please remember that SS Peter and Paul JNS is a NUT FREE school therefore no items of food that contain nuts should be brought into school. Please check any food packaging that you send in with your child. We encourage a healthy lunch that contains fresh food with limited packaging. Please read our Healthy Eating Guidelines (see below) on suggestions for lunch ideas and also make note of prohibited foods that are not allowed in school. Thanking you in advance for your cooperation on this matter.

Healthy Eating Guidelines
 Parents/Guardians are encouraged to provide children with a healthy lunch, which helps to maintain their level of concentration in the classroom throughout the day.
A healthy lunchbox should include a variety of the following foods:
·         Fruit and Vegetables-e.g. carrot/celery sticks, cucumber slices, sugar snap/mange tout peas, sweetcorn, broccoli florets, finely sliced peppers, cherry tomatoes (halved), pears, bananas, oranges, apples, melon slices, grapes (cut in half as they are a serious choking hazard)

·         Bread and Cereals (preferably wholemeal) - e.g. sandwiches/rolls/pitta bread/ crackers/rice cakes/bagels

·         Salad – e.g. pasta salad, vegetable salad, egg salad/mayonnaise

·         Milk and Cheese –e.g.  cheese triangles, cheese cubes

·         Meat, Chicken, Turkey, Fish and Alternatives – e.g. humus, chicken/turkey/ham/tuna sandwiches. Encourage your child to eat a variety of these sandwich fillings

·         Water
Prohibited Foods
In order to encourage healthy, balanced eating habits among children in school the following foods are prohibited:

·         Crisps, sweets, lollipops, biscuits and chocolate bars

·         Spreads-Nutella, jam, honey, peanut butter

·         Fizzy drinks & Fruit Juice *

·         Cakes, croissants & buns

·         Nuts-We are a “nut free” school.

·         Cereal bars

·         High cholesterol/high fatty foods e.g., sausage rolls/breakfast rolls

·         Popcorn **

·         Yoghurt Products **

·         Raisins **

*Fruit Juice- Research has shown that fruit juices are a contributing factor to tooth erosion in young children. Almost half of Irish five-year-olds suffer from tooth erosion, which if left unchecked can lead to the chipping and eventual wearing away of the teeth. Children who consume fruit juices once a day are over three times more likely to suffer erosion, than children who do not.

**Although these items are healthy options, we at SS Peter & Paul JNS discourage them as most seems to end up on our school carpets and are difficult to remove.

On special occasions such as an end of term party, teachers may, at their discretion. give sugary items to their own class. Where possible though healthy alternatives are encouraged.

We would encourage all children to bring home any food wrappers they have left over from their lunch therefore reducing the school’s waste intake.

Friday, 11 September 2020

Junior Infant Day

Parents of Junior Infants, please remember your child's arrival time from Monday 14th September is;


Please enter via the Infant entry ONLY and drop your child at the designated drop off points. No parent is allowed into the school building. We also ask that you exit the yard as soon as possible afterwards.

Collection time from next Monday will be 12.30pm again via the Infant Entry Gate only. Again please exit as soon as possible to clear the area for the senior classes yard time. 

Masks are to be worn whilst on the school premises. Thank you.

Tuesday, 1 September 2020


 Welcome back

A big welcome back to all our families after what has been a very strange summer. We are so delighted to see all our friends back again and to welcome some new ones in Junior Infants. It was an absolute delight to see on the first day of school all the happy smiling faces as we start a new school year.
We’ve worked really hard to make sure the return to school is as stress-free as possible for all of our pupils. Your children are likely to see a few changes in the way the school works but, in general, their days should feel very familiar. 

You should have received information about the reopening of our school at the end of August via Aladdin Connect. If you did not receive this information please contact the office immediately to sign up to Aladdin Connect. Most of our correspondence will be through Aladdin so it is imperative that you are connected.

You can read the Return to School Plan document HERE

We have staggered arrival times and home times to ensure social distancing and we ask all parents/guardians to please wear a mask when dropping off or collecting your child. 

Arrival Times:
9:00am – 9:10am Senior Infants and 1st class 9:15am – 9:25am Junior Infants and 2nd class

Home Times
o Junior infants will finish at: 1:40pm
 o Senior infants will finish at: 1:25pm
 o 1st classes will finish at 2.25pm 
o 2nd classes will finish at 2.40pm

Junior Infants will begin school at 9.30am on Monday 31st August and will finish at 11.30am for the first two weeks.
From Monday 14th - Friday 18th Junior Infants will begin school at 9.15am and finish at 12.30pm. 
Then finally from Monday 21st they will attend school for the full infant day from 9.15am-1.40pm. 

You can keep up to date on all the events that occur in our school through the school website or alternatively follow us on Twitter @PeterandPaulJNS

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Active School News

We have some great news to share this week!  'Ireland Active' have announced that our school was selected as a winner of the Active Home Week challenge initiative!  Thanks to all the great activity by our boys, girls and their families, and the hard (and creative!) work of staff members, we have won a €150 sports equipment voucher for our school!  

Thank you 'Ireland Active' and ''.

Thursday, 27 June 2019

Summer Holidays

Summer holidays!!!

As we come to the end of another successful school year, all of us here at Ss Peter and Paul JNS would like to wish all our students, parents and extended families a very happy and safe summer.
We are truly sorry to say goodbye to Ms Moore, one of our dedicated Senior Infant teachers,  and wish her well in her new post in St Molaga's SNS.
We want to offer the children who are leaving us to move to St. Molaga's school in September our very best wishes. We are sure you will all enjoy a smooth transition in your new school.

Don't forget school finishes at 12pm tomorrow the 28th June and will reopen on Thursday 29th August 2019. 
Enjoy the holidays everybody!

Active Flag

We here at  SS Peter and Paul JNS are striving to achieve a more active school community.
With help from our teachers, students, parents and wider community we hope our school will be recognised as an official ‘Active School’ and be rewarded with an Active School Flag.

Official Opening of our Sensory Corridor

Official Opening of our Sensory Corridor

Over the last few months, we here at SS Peter and Paul JNS have been busy creating a sensory space that can be used and enjoyed by all of our students.
Sensory spaces can improve skills such as balance and hand-eye coordination, but they can also be used purely as a fun treat!
In order to achieve the ideal space that would benefit all our students, one of our talented teachers, Mrs Heffernan, together with our fantastic Student Council, brainstormed ideas. It was decided to transform a plain, white hallway into a jungle themed sensory corridor. Our Student Council, which is comprised of students from Junior Infants up to Second Class, came up with the idea and Mrs Heffernan immediately got to work to make it a reality. They wanted the area to become more colourful and child friendly so, firstly, our caretaker, Pshemeck, painted all the doors in bright, vibrant colours. This enables the children to easily identify the location of the various classrooms.
Sensory equipment was then added such as dome mirrors, a bubble lamp and fine motor wooden games.
Work then started on transforming the bare walls. We were extremely fortunate to have local artist Alison O Grady sketch and paint the jungle scene onto the walls, then both herself and Mrs Heffernan painted lots of jungle creatures to bring the scene to life.
The last task was to create a sensory pathway on the floor. We employed a local company "Retink Graphics" to print and install our design, which beautifully compliments our jungle themed walls. The sensory pathway incorporates a range of gross motor activities which enable the students to get moving whilst also having fun.

Once completed, we had an official opening on Monday 17th June. Representatives from the Local Council, Board of Management, Parents' Association, St Molagas', members of the Student Council and our own staff were all in attendance.The principal, Ms Whelan, thanked everyone for coming and thanked Mrs Heffernan and the Student Council for all their hard work. 
The only thing left to do was for Mrs Heffernan to cut the ribbon, which she gladly did and welcomed everyone in to the Jungle to explore it for themselves!
We look forward to our new Sensory Corridor capturing the imaginations of all current and future students in the years ahead.

 A BIG thank you to all our Student Council members on all their fantastic ideas to make the school a happier place to be.

Ms Whelan (Principal) thanked all the staff for working so hard this year and officially opened the new corridor to everyone.

Mrs Heffernan together with student from SS Peter and Paul JNS got ready to cut the ribbon!

 3, 2, 1...and it's open!!!

L-R: Siobhan Whelan (Principal), Cllr Tony Murphy, Cllr Grainne Maguire, June Gray (Chairperson B.O.M), Veronica Heffernan (Assistant Principal).

 L-R: Laura Bouzzah (Deputy Principal), June Gray (Chairperson B.O.M), Veronica Heffernan (Assistant Principal)

Click on the video below to see the transformation of our 
Sensory Corridor