Friday, 15 February 2019

Midterm Break

Don't forget we are closed next week from Monday 18th February - Friday 22nd February for Midterm Break. We hope you all have a lovely relaxing time and that the weather stays warm. See you all on Monday 25th February. 
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Thursday, 31 January 2019

Active Flag

We here at  SS Peter and Paul JNS are striving to achieve a more active school community.
With help from our teachers, students, parents and wider community we hope our school will be recognised as an official ‘Active School’ and be rewarded with an Active School Flag.

_Fundamental Movement Skills__
Each month we will be concentrating on one Fundamental Movement Skill taken from the Physical Literacy programme-Move Well, Move Often


It a brand new year and as part of our New Years Resolution we are going to strive to be even more healthier and active in 2019 than we were in 2018. To begin the year we have been focusing on the Fundamental Movement Skill of Balancing for the month of January. In the hall our caretaker set up the gymnastic equipment for the class to use as part of their P.E lessons. These activities including lots of various balancing techniques. 


The children have also been practising their balancing skills outside as well as in the classroom. 

Jumping Skills
The FMS for December was developing the children's Jumping skills.
 Jumping is the transfer of weight from one or two feet. It is sub-divided into two categories.
1) Jumping for height and 2) Jumping for distance (PDST).

Take a look at Ms O Regan's class below trying to master this skill. 

Dodging Skills
The Fundamental Movement Skill covered this month was Dodging. Here's Ms McNamee's class playing a game of Sunshine and Snowballs. To play the game a few children are appointed  the "snowballs" and some are appointed "sunshine". If the rest of the class are caught by a "snowball" they must freeze and wait until they are melted by the "sunshine". For more games like this visit

Running Skills 
For the month of October, our fundamental movement skill that we focused on was Running. The Daily Mile is a great initiative that we continue to participate in and we have seen a notable increase in the level of fitness of all students (and teachers) who participate. For P.E all classes have been incorporating running activities into their lessons.


Our Active Flag noticeboard in the school hall is filled with pictures of famous athletes and there are also suggestions for running activities the classes can participate in during their P.E lessons. Each month this noticeboard will be changed to showcase a new Fundamental Movement Skill. 



Hall Noticeboards

A new term means new displays in the hall. This term the children have outdone themselves. The boards are looking so bright and colourful.

Mrs Adderley's Class
The Junior Infants in Room 12 have been learning the story The Owl Babies by Martin Waddell. They used printing techniques to create this wonderful display. Well done everyone. 

Ms Moore's Class
In Senior Infants the boys and girls in Room 16 created these wonderful Emperor Penguins by cutting and sticking pieces of paper together. 
The march of the penguins has begun!

Mrs O Connor's Class
This colourful display was created by the children in First class in Room 7. They have been studying the work of Wassily Kandinsky and his vivid use of colours. The children then created their own Kandinsky Circles. 

Ms Knowles' Class
And finally in Room 4, the Second class children have been studying the tragic events of the Titanic in history. Here they have created what it must have been like to look out the cabin window on that fateful night and see a large iceberg straight ahead. 

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day
As part of Catholic School's Week, some of the teachers invited grandparents to visit the classroom and see all the wonderful things that their grandchildren are doing in school. It is a great opportunity for them to see where they sit in class, who their friends are and to meet the class teacher.

In Junior Infants, Eva's Granny and Grandad popped into Room 12 to say hello and meet all the children. They all made Grandparents Day cards and Eva presented them with a bunch of daffodils. 

In First Class in Room 8, Emma’s nanny Pauline and Lucy’s granny Breda came to visit the classroom and answered all of the children's questions about their childhood. The boys and girls then performed a poem called ‘Grandparents’ Day’ and sang the song ‘You are my Sunshine’ for the special visitors.  They also made up an acrostic poem about grandparents and what makes them special, listened to a story about grandparents and remembered some happy times that they have spent with their grandparents. Lucy’s granny Breda very kindly baked some delicious buns and cookies for the class which they all  enjoyed!

A BIG thank you to all the grandparents who popped in to visit us today. 

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Ceilí Dancing Show

Our annual Ceilí Dancing show for senior infants and second class parents will take place on Wednesday the 30th January in the school hall. Please take note of the time and wear comfortable shoes as parental participation is essential!! ;-D

Ms O Regan
Ms O Brien
Ms Donnelly
Ms Moore
Mrs Cummins
Mr Gallagher
Ms O Donnell
Ms Knowles

Monday, 7 January 2019

Welcome Back to Term 2

Happy New Year

Welcome back everyone. We are all looking forward to a great year here in SS Peter and Paul JNS. We hope you had a fantastic Christmas with your families and friends. We have a busy term ahead of as we complete our Active Flag process so keep checking back on our school website to see all the fun activities that will be taking place in 2019. You can also follow us on Twitter @PeterandPaulJNS to keep up to date. 

Friday, 21 December 2018

Registration Deadline

Reminder that the registration for the new Junior Infants starting in September 2019 will end on Friday the 18th January. 
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Christmas Holidays

Don't forget school finishes at 12.00pm today.

All the staff here at SS Peter and Paul JNS would like to wish all our families a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year. We hope all the boys and girls get all they wish for this Christmas and we look forward to welcoming them all back in 2019. 

Thursday, 20 December 2018

Santa and the Garda Band

We could not believe our eyes or ears when we heard the sound of sirens coming into the school yard today, who was it only the Gardaí. Thankfully they weren't here to talk to any naughty boys or girls (as obviously we don't have any), but instead they brought a VERY special visitor.....SANTA!!!!

Santa Claus was here to check on all the children and to make sure they are all on his nice list, which I can confirm they most definitely are! Whilst he was here, we all had a lovely Christmas carol sessions and sang some of our favourite songs with the Garda Band. The teachers did a great job singing along and we think they might all be on Santa's nice list too. 

Happy Christmas everyone. 

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Tesco Community Fund

One of Santa's elves from Tesco gave us a marvellous surprise today when she arrived with a HUGE cheque for €215.31 that will go towards school equipment. Thank you so much Tesco.