Monday, 18 November 2013

Science Week

Science week began early in St Peter & Pauls. On Thursday & Friday, 7th & 8th Nov, the PE hall was busy with 1st and 2nd class pupils working with skeletons, teeth, finger prints, exotic fruits & magnets. Later in the classroom, 2nd class worked on experiments making chemical lava lamps and a gas to blow up a balloon using vinegar and sodium bicarbonate. There were many science competitions during the week, "Guess the pumpkin weight", "identifying seeds", the answers were full to the brim.
The paper aeroplane flying competition was a great success. Each 1st and 2nd class held its own competition and five finalists from each class came to the PE hall for the school finale. Congratulations to Calum O Neill and Dara Fitzpatrick, their winning flights were more than 10 meters long! The boys graciously explained how they made their aeroplanes.
The junior classes were up to their elbows in water testing their theories on floating and sinking.the magnets never worked so hard picking up paper clips and pins. The classes also studied capillary action using celery sticks, food computing and water. Mrs Bouzzah had great help from her science assistants in 2nd class. They spent their time explaining the exhibits in the hall and measuring the distances the paper aeroplanes flew.
It was a very busy and enjoyable week and we hope the pupils come to appreciate that science is a very exciting subject.

Mrs Bouzzah explains capillary action to the class
Mrs Adderley's class experiment with floating & sinking.
Science fun in the hall with Ms Keanes class