Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Ceili Dancing Show

Its nearing the end of the school year and that means its time for the children to show off their fantastic Ceili dancing skills to all you parents.  Every Wednesday the children have Ceili dancing with Ms Bissett and now you can come and see them in action.
The Junior Infants and First Class dancing shows will take place next Tuesday, the 23rd of June in the school hall. The Senior Infants and Second Classes will have their show on Wednesday the 24th June. Below is a list of the times for each class. All are welcome so please come and support your child.
Tuesday 23rd June
Junior Infants
9.30am: Mr Donovan's Class
10am: Ms Meehan's Class
10.45am: Ms O Brien's Class
11.15am: Mrs Cummins' Class

First Class
12.45pm: Mr Forristal's Class
1.15pm: Mrs Cleary's Class
1.40pm: Ms Hickey's Class
2.05pm: Ms Harrington's Class

Wednesday 24th June
Senior Infants
9.30am: Ms Regan's Class
10am: Mrs Cummins' Class
10.45am: Ms Feeney's Class
11.15am: Ms Keane's Class

Second Class
12.45pm: Ms O Hora's Class
1.15pm: Ms NĂ­ Mhaonaigh's Class
1.40pm: Ms O Brien's Class
2.05pm: Ms Fagan's Class