Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Hall Noticeboards

Every term our four hall noticeboards are decorated by a class. This term the Junior Infant board has been decorated by Mr Donovan's Class. They made a beautiful owl display with the slogan "School is a Hoot". We're glad you think so boys and girls!!

The Senior Infant noticeboard was decorated by Ms Hickey's Class. They made bumble bees by sticking on black and yellow crepe paper and placed the heading "We BEE-long together" over the top.

Ms Kelly's Class made the First Class display. They drew around their hands and coloured them in. The hand prints were then cut out and arranged into a flower display with the caption; "We are all unique but together we are a masterpiece".

Finally the Second Class noticeboard was decorated by Ms Fagan's Class who made hot are balloons from coloured card and used the slogan "We aim high" over the top.