Thursday, 3 March 2016

Hall Noticeboards

Hall Noticeboards
Every few months, the hall notice boards get a makeover where a class from each level displays their magnificent art skills. This term, Ms O Brien's junior infants, MrsTobin's senior infants, Ms Harrington's 1st class & Mrs O Connor's 2nd class made fantastic displays. Take a look at them below and make sure to pop over to the hall to see them. 

Ms O Brien's Junior Infants Class
Ms O Brien's Class started off the season with a beautiful St Brigid's display.

Mrs Tobin's Senior Infants Class
Ms Tobin's class made a beautiful bright Spring display that really brightens up the hall.

Ms Harrington's First Class
Ms Harrington's class decorated intricate flowers and put them together to make a wonderful display

Mrs O Connor's Second Class
Mrs O Connor's Class brightened up their noticeboard with some colourful rainbow spider webs.