Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Hall Noticeboards

We have some wonderful artwork on display over in the school hall. 
This term Ms Harrington's Junior Infants made a beautiful Autumn display. They stuck lovely autumn coloured crepe paper onto an image of a tree. Well done everyone in Room 14. 
Ms Harrington's Class

In Senior Infants, Ms Donnelly's class creating fantastic owls. The children used feathers to make the owls look realistic. 
Ms Donnelly's Class

The first class children in Ms Meehan's class made interesting Underwater pictures using various shades of blue. They are very effective and eye catching.
Ms Meehan's Class

And finally in Second Class, Mr Donovan's class were studying the work of  Edvard Munch . After researching his most famous painting The Scream, they then made their own version by literally putting themselves in the picture. They are all amazing. Well done everyone in Room 3.
Mr Donovan's Class