Thursday, 23 November 2017

Hall displays

Hall Noticeboard Displays

This month marked a change in our hall noticeboard displays and the children are definitely feeling the chill with their Winter inspired art work. Make sure to call over to the hall to admire the wonderful creations the children have made. 

Mrs Adderley's Junior Infants
 Mrs Adderley's Junior Infant class made some pretty penguins by cutting out shapes and adding cotton wool and crepe paper. 

 Ms Hickey's Senior Infants
Ms Hickey's Senior Infants were also learning about the Emperor Penguin and made this Arctic display complete with icicles. 

 Mrs O Connor's First Class
Mrs O Connor's First Class brought some colour to the hall with these wonderful Kandinsky style circles. They have been learning about the artist Wassily Kandinsky in class and after studying his famous artwork, they then created their own. 

Mrs Cummins' Second Class
In 2nd class Mrs Cummin's Class made some wonderful winter snow globes that featured themselves!! Such a lovely idea. See can you spot anyone you know in them.