Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Road Safety Competition

Road Safety Competition

Road Safety Week ran from the 1st to the 7th October. The Safe Cross Code was taught in all the classes and our lollipop lady, Liz, visited some of the classes to talk about crossing the road safely outside school. 

Mrs Heffernan ran a Road Safety Poster Competition with the Junior and Senior Infant classes and well done to all the winners. All winning entries will be displayed in the hall. Pop over to have a look at them.
For more information on road safety check out

Junior Infant Winners

Rm 11: Benjamin Maroszek

Rm 12: Max Mercina

Rm 13: Kemi Folaji

Rm 14: Vicky Zolnierczuk

Our overall Junior Infant winner was...Max Mercina! Well done Max!

Senior Infant Winners

Rm 5: Luka Maund

Rm 15: Luka Maciukaite

Rm 16: Caleb Jiang

Rm 17: Amy Murtagh

Our overall Senior Infant winner was...Amy Murtagh. Congratulations Amy!

Here are all the winning entries displayed on our Hall noticeboard.