Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Hall Noticeboards

We have some lovely new hall noticeboards on display in the school hall. This term, Ms Harrignton's class, Ms O Donnell's class, Ms Meehan's class and Mr Gallagher's class have made some beautiful art work. Take the time to pop over and have a look at them over in the hall.

Ms Harrington's junior infants made these beautiful Emperor Penguins by sticking on coloured crepe paper and cotton wool. Don't they look adorable. 
Ms Harrington's Class

In senior infants the boys and girls made some cool snowmen and polar bears enjoying the Arctic sun. Cotton wool was added and they then worked on their cutting skills and cut them out. Well done everyone. 
Ms Donnelly's Class

First Class have been learning all about The Water Cycle and used Art to represent what they have learned. They drew around their hands and cut out these shapes to show the direction of the water flow and the sun's heat rays. Very impressive. 
Ms Meehan's Class

In Room 2, the children have been studying the famous Dutch artist Van Gogh and his paintings. They loved his painting "Starry Night" so much they decided to recreate it themselves. Well done everyone, they're as good as the original!
Mr Gallagher's Class