Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Hall Noticeboards

Hall Noticeboards
Every few months, the hall notice boards get a makeover where a class from each level displays their magnificent art skills. This term, Mrs Cummins' junior infants, Mrs O Neill's senior infants and Ms Feeney's 2nd class made fantastic displays. Take a look at them below and make sure to pop over to the hall to see them. 

Mrs Cummins' Junior Infants
Mrs Cummins' class made a wonderful winter wonderland display by creating penguins, seals and Eskimos using crepe paper.

Mrs Cleary's First Class 
Mrs Cleary's class were learning all about 2D shapes in class and so made these lovely 2D pictures. 

Mrs O Neill's Senior Infants
Mrs O Neill's class are feeling the winter chill and made some lovely winter paintings using white paint on black paper. 

Ms Feeney's Second Class
Ms Feeney's class made fabulous snow globes. Each child wrote a short story about what it would be like to live in a snow globe and their photo was cut out and stuck inside. Make sure to go over and have a read of all the imaginative stories.