Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Science Week 8th -15th November

The school has been buzzing with science experiments to mark the annual National Science Week. Mrs Bouzzah, our science coordinator set up an array of activities to get the children's scientific brains working.

Heaviest Potato/Longest Carrot Competition
The first and second classes were asked to bring in the biggest potato and the longest carrot they could find at home. They were then weighed and measured in school.

The winners of the heaviest potato were...
1st place: Ross Gaffney
2nd place: Ula Krisciunaite
3rd place: Iveta Balakauskaite

 The winners of the longest carrot were...
1st place: Lena Siuda
2nd place: Noemi Porada
 3rd place: Dale Lennon, Mikolai Pawluk, Adam Richert & Juwaria Bager

Mrs Bouzzah was busy measuring all week!

Design and Make a Paper Aeroplane
The children were also asked to design paper planes using an A4 sheet with no staples or tape. Mrs Bouzzah tested each groups paper planes in the hall to see which one flew the farthest.
  • Roy Eze, Ben Smith & Lee Donnelly constructed the most successful paper aeroplanes in 2nd class.
  • Dylan Stuart, Ross Gaffney, Brian Ndongala & Conor Darcy were the successful aeroplane engineers from 1st Class

Guess the weight
Left over from Halloween, the children guessed the weight of a pumpkin. They used a 1kg to help them guess the correct weight.
  • 18 pupils correctly guessed the pumpkin weight as 3kgs

Science Stations

The fun continued in the hall when the exhibition tables were set up. The children  explored amongst other things magnets, thumb prints, floating & sinking and identifying fruit and vegetables. A big hit was the "Yawning Table" where the pupils explored whether yawning is contagious-the general consensus being that yes indeed it is!

The Yawning Table

Why not look out for some interesting programmes about science on tv or borrow science books from the library. You can also visit for more information or use the hashtag #scienceweek on twitter to view some interesting projects taking place around the country.

Thanks to Mrs Bouzzah who oversaw yet another successful Science Week with her usual enthusiasm and excitement.