Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Maths Week

This year Maths week ran from the 12th to the 16th October and was a great success. Once again all the pupils were engaged in maths activities to emphasise the fun and learning that can be enjoyed whilst doing maths. Some of the classes checked the yard looking for clues on their maths trails, counting shapes and measuring windows with their clipboards in hand. 
The junior classes visited the hall to avail of the many activities set up for them to enjoy, such as sorting socks into pairs, following patterns, finding shapes with mini-twister. The boys and girls had great fun acquiring maths skills in this fun environment.
The importance of maths in everyday life and in people's work was emphasised and the pupils were enthralled at how much maths actually surrounds them

 Mr Donovan's Class

 Ms Donnelly's Class

 Ms Fagan's Class

 Ms O Sullivan's Class

                                       Mrs Cummins' Class

                                    Mrs L Cummins' Class

We hope the children enjoyed all the fun activities and we encourage all the children to continue simple maths activities at home.