Friday, 3 February 2017

St Brigid's Day

St. Brigid's Day

1st February 2017
Today, is St Brigid's Day and in Ireland we know it as the first day of Spring. The children have been learning all about St Brigid and the special work she did. 
There are many spellings for her name - Brigid, Brigit, BrĂ­d, Bridget and Bride. St Brigid was born near Dundalk in the 5th century and was important in spreading Christianity in Ireland. She died on February 1st. You can learn more about St Brigid by visiting the link below..
Ms Donnelly's Class and Ms Ni Mhaonaigh's class have made beautiful St Brigid's displays in the school hall. 

Mrs Cummins' 2nd class made St Brigid crosses.