Monday, 6 March 2017

World Book Day

We had a fantastic World Book Day here at SS Peter and Paul! The day began with monsters, superheroes, animals, and all sorts of other fantastic looking characters pouring in the school gates, each one carrying a great book for Drop Everything And Read at 11am. 
Many teachers were pleading for help with the awful job of picking just one winning book character costume from each class. But at half eleven, the final choices had been made and our 16 finalists trooped over to the front hall for Mrs. Frayne, Mrs. Bouzzah, Mrs. Heffernan and Ms. UaConaill to decide the ultimate winner.

That ultimate, all-school winner was Alex from Room 10, who was dressed as Sully, from his favourite hardback book, Monsters University. Alex’s costume had to be seen to be believed: individual strips of paper fur hot-glued to an entire outfit, giving him a very convincing Sully shagginess, and face and hair detailing to complete the look!

Our runners up also looked amazing. They were:
Ryan Faye, Room 11 – dressed as Slug, from The Slimy Book
Daniel Cash, Room 12 – dressed as the Scarecrow, from Scarecrow’s Secret
Patrick Ryba, Room 13 - dressed as a Viking, from Brian and the Viking
Joseph Murphy, Room 14 - dressed as The Big Bad Wolf

Lacey Rooney, Room 5 – dressed as Little Red Riding Hood
Victoria Bryz, Room 15 – dressed as Hermione, from the Harry Potter books
Riain Clonan, Room 16 – dressed as Destiny, from Finding Dory (the book!)
Martin Kobliha, Room 17 – dressed as The Stick Man, from the book of the same name

Hazel Mulvaney, Room 7 – dressed as a crayon, from The Day the Crayons Came Home
Rose Mathew, Room 8 – dressed as Mouse, from The Gruffalo
Cara Birney, Room 9 – dressed as the Mad Hatter, from Alice in Wonderland

Ella Balay, Room 2 – dressed as Alfie, from Esio Trot
Tiernan Carroll, Room 3 – dressed as Willy Wonka
Haylie Kelly, Room 4 – dressed as Captain Ahab, from Moby Dick
Saoirse Donnelly, Room 6 – dressed as Jesus, from the best selling book of all time, The Bible

Each of the runners up received a certificate and a Homework Pass from Mrs. Frayne, and left the front hall smiling broadly! Our overall winner Alex got to choose his prize, and made us all very proud when he picked out a lovely present for his mother, to thank her for all her help! We really do have the very best kids here at SS Peter and Paul. J Well done everybody!

 Drop Everything And Read

Ms Hickeys Class

Mrs Cummins' Class

Selfies from Mrs Adderley's Class