Wednesday, 5 November 2014

School Book Fair

You are invited to the Ss Peter and Paul JNS Book Fair!
 It starts on Tuesday the 11th of November and runs until Friday the 14th November. On sale at the fair will be hundreds of great books for children of all ages priced at 30%-60% off shop prices, making it a great oppportunity to purchase some excellent reading material for your children and prehaps a few Christmas presents as well, whilst also benefiting the school.
The following time and days have been allocated to each class for the pupils and parents to attend the book fair.
Tuesday 11th November: 9.00-10.30am - Junior Infants
Wednesday 12th November: 9.00-10.30am - Senior Infants
Thursday 13th November: 9.00-10.30am - First Class
Friday 14th November: 9.00-10.30am - Second Class

The Book Fair is a fundraiser. The school will benefit from all sales made.