Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Science Week 10th - 14th November

The school has been buzzing with science experiments this week to mark the annual National Science Week. Mrs Bouzzah, our science coordinator has set up an array of activities to get the children's scientific brains working.

Heaviest Potato Competition:
The first and second classes were asked to bring in the biggest potato they could find at home. It will then be weighed in school and the winner of the heaviest potato will be announced on Friday.

Design and Make a Paper Aeroplane
The children are designing paper planes. Mrs Bouzzah will test each groups paper planes in the hall to see which will fly the farthest. Please us an A4 sheet and don't use staples or tape.

Guess the weight
Left over from Halloween, the children will be guessing the weight of a pumpkin. They will be using a 1kg to help them guess the correct weight.

Examine the seeds
Mrs Bouzzah has been busy collecting lots of seeds over the last few weeks. The children will try and guess which seeds are from which fruits.

Next week the fun will continue in the hall when the exhibition tables are set up. The children can examine finger prints, catch the lights with prisms, move clips with magnets and much more.
Why not look out for some interesting programmes about science on tv or borrow science books from the library.