Monday, 24 November 2014

Science Fortnight

Our very popular Science Fortnight took place from the 10th -21st November. There were a number of science competitions held throughout the school from guessing the pumpkin weight to paper airplane construction.
The winners were:

  • Erin Kennedy (1st class) correctly idenitified all the fruit & vegetable seeds
  • Alex Jackson, Nathan Phoenix & Calum O Neill constructed the most successful paper airplanes in 2nd class.
  • Roy Eze, Sam Jackson & Hannah Sheridan were the successful aiplane engineers from 1st Class
  • Isabella Danila, Edie Murphy & David Byrne sourced the largest potatoes in the entire school.
  • 23 pupils correctly guessed the pumpkin weight as 3kgs.

1st and 2nd classes enjoyed science stations in the hall where they explored amongst other things magnets, thumb prints, floating & sinking and identifying fruit and vegetables. A big hit was the "Yawning Table" where the pupils explored whether yawning is contagious-the general consensus being that yes indeed it is!

Thanks to Mrs Bouzzah who oversaw our Science Fortnight with her usual enthusiasm and excitement.